The best solution for every challenge. We focus on stream data processing - with “Bespoke Data Engineering”.

Data Engineering from bakdata stands for new capabilities, faster actions, and reliable insights. Manageable, holistic and customer-centered.


What we do

Data Streams

All data is a stream. We process your data as it emerges. We create streamlined, highly efficient and perfectly integrated stream data solutions. We build online algorithms that create valuable up-to-date information for you.


Quick for Data Streams

Quick is our stream data application framework which unlocks your data streams for your application. It lets you integrate your algorithms seamlessly and provides them with modern APIs through GraphQL.


Open Source

Our heart beats for coding. As part of the open source community, we benefit from open source projects such as Kafka or Kubernetes and develop our own open source projects.



We appreciate the community and we share. We frequently report on ongoing projects and missions accomplished. As a team and together with you, we gave several talks.


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bakdata stands for open, individual data solutions and holistic data concepts. Although we see ourselves as an IT service provider, we do not work for, but together with our customers.

With the need to further develop the concept of data management, the computer scientists Alexander Albrecht and Christoph Böhm combined their practical and scientific experience in administration, integration and analysis of large, complex volumes of data. With that, they laid the foundations for bakdata.

Since 2013, we have been working in our Berlin office to counteract non-coordinated and cost-intensive systems. Therefore, we consider classic technologies as well as the latest technology trends or open-source software. For us, “Bespoke Data Engineering” means using clever strategies to expose the added value in your data.



Our services center around stream data processing and cover connected data systems from traditional commercial database systems of established providers to state-of-the-art open source software and in-house developments. We bundle highly-demanded expert knowledge with our core competence in the field of Data Engineering. We draw on many years of experience as well as on current standards from research, science and technology.

Using approaches from the fields of statistics, machine learning and knowledge management, we enable scalable solutions. For more efficiency and lower risks.


Apache Kafka

Kafka Streams

Kafka Connect











Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Microsoft Azure



We define ourselves as engineers, developers and scientists. With analytical thinking and pragmatic working methods, we accompany and enable our customers to move on to the next stage of their own development. We are motivated by our enthusiasm for innovation. It is important for us to give space for development. At the same time, our work follows clear intentions. We combine pragmatism with quality and ingenuity.

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Albrecht

Managing Partner


Alexander Albrecht is co-founder of bakdata. He supervises tailor-made software solutions for the integration, management and analysis of heterogeneous data. Alexander manages data-driven application development, data warehousing deployments and big data or data science projects. He has acquired substantial know-how in numerous industry and research projects.

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Böhm

Managing Partner


Christoph Böhm is co-founder of bakdata. Throughout various projects in data integration, data engineering, and data architecture he enabled mid size and large companies to take the next step in their data readiness. As a solution and platform architect, Christoph enables the combination of traditional technologies with modern big data stacks and state-of-the-art stream processing.


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Introducing Live Data Products with Quick

Quick streamlines the development of Live Data Products. It is open source and lets developers focus on data.


Scalable Machine Learning with Kafka Streams and KServe

In this blog post, we demonstrate how to combine state-of-the-art stream data processing with modern ML on Kubernetes.



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