As necessary, we combine traditional technologies with the latest trends in technology and standards, as well as freely available open source software with commercial components.

Bakdata stands for an holistic approach. We ensure that all existing data can be processed. Truly integrated systems enable users to inspect information purposefully and to gain the greatest possible insights into their data.



All sources, all formats, all sizes – we make all company data available for you in a very short time frame and open up new data sources.

Based upon many years of experience with all kinds of formats and systems, as well as continuous training and in-house evolved special software, we develop your data pipelines.



Through better data analytics, we turn complex data into valuable knowledge, offering you a decisive competitive advantage. Do not leave your data unused, but benefit from new insights – in order to make the best decisions possible.

Therefore, we integrate and automate analysis results as well as meaningful visualizations directly into existing systems and your daily work processes. Less complexity, more knowledge.



We believe that a vendor-neutral offer provides our customers with the ability to deploy their own expertise and develop software at their own discretion. Together with you, we open source a number of our solutions:

Explore Data Pipelines in Apache Kafka.

A micro-framework that lets you focus on writing Kafka Streams Apps.

A Kafka Serde that reads and writes records from and to a blob storage, such as Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage, transparently.

A Kafka Streams application that creates a queryable object store.

Write clean and concise tests for your Kafka Streams application.